LiveFit Phase II Review

Phase 2 is over!  I am now officially on day 57, and only have 4 weeks of the program remaining.  I am both excited and nervous for Phase 3, as it is super intense, and also incorporates sprints.  Also, I dyed my hair back to its original brunette this month!

I feel like my pictures really show minimal changes, but they are noticeable to me, and I really FEEL different.


Weight: 146.2 (previously 150/down from 158)

Waist: 28.5 (previously 28.5/31)

Thigh: 21.5 (previously 22/23)

Calf: 13 (previously 14.5/15)

Phase 2 loss: 4lbs/2 inches

Total Loss: 12 lbs/8 inches

I am not going to lie and say I wasn’t disappointed in my results.  I lost 8lbs the first phase, so I really thought that I would lose even more than that the second phase (especially with the addition of cardio) However, it was not to be!  I am still positive and trusting the process 🙂

Goal Revaluation: On DAY 1 of this program, I wanted to lose 18-23 lbs, but now that I only lost 4 lbs this phase, I need to revaluate.  I worked so hard this month, and felt that the only thing I could have done to lose more is completely deprive myself of carbs and starches.  I am making a lifestyle change, so that is just something I am not willing to do.  I am going to change my goal to 15 lbs.  If I get to 18… GREAT!  However, I don’t see myself losing 6 lbs in four weeks.

Top 2 of Phase 2

  1. Progress in lifting: I honestly can’t believe how strong I am getting.  I have always skipped out doing arms/delts/back when I lift.  I have really strong legs, so I had must mainly enjoyed doing those lifts.  However, I have not skipped a single workout, and I am really feeling the results!  I am continually going up in heavier weights on lifts, and am feeling very solid and toned.  My shoulders also used to be covered in a thick layer of blubber, but now I feel they are really starting to shape up!  This is crucial as my shoulders are completely exposed in my dress.
  2. Adding cardio: I don’t LOVE cardio, but it really makes me feel great.  I truly believe all of the studies that show cardiovascular exercise makes you a happier person.  This phase we did 30 minutes of cardio, 4 times per week.  I get bored pretty easily, so I did 15 minutes on treadmill, followed by 15 minutes of the stairmill.  The stairmill is satan, but WOW, I just don’t think there is a better workout than that thing.


Here is Satan herself! We have had some good times this month. 

2 Cons of Phase 2

  1. Burnout:  This program takes so much dedication.  When I started doing this program, there were 7 girls.  There are now 3 left (Whit, Nora and me) who are following the program faithfully.  Week 7, I thought I was burning out, but week 8 I truly discovered what burnout feels like.  I could barely drag myself to the gym a few of the days.  However, I did NOT like the lift schedule for the last 2 weeks of phase 2.  I am so glad we are moving on!
  2. Time: Every blog I have read about this program talks about the time commitment.  They were NOT lying.  Nora and I are usually in the gym for about two hours.  We could finish faster, but we are focusing on waiting two minutes between sets for maximum muscle development.  Now that volleyball is over, I don’t mind.  However, anybody who has a lot of stuff going on in the evening would have to sacrifice something (or multiple things).

Anyway, I wanted to keep this update short.  I am really hoping to finish strong with Phase 3.  This is supposed to be a super fat-burning phase, so we will see what happens.  If I have any wish, it is that I see some fat loss on my arms and legs this month.  I will have a FINAL LiveFit update in 28 days 🙂 Hope all of your fitness goals are being crushed, and you continue to make progress on your fitness journey.



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