LiveFit Phase I Review/Progress

I finally got through Phase I of Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer!  It was only 28 days, but it seemed a lot longer.  To be honest, tomorrow is the FULL 28 days, but I am leaving for a volleyball tournament at the crack of dawn, so I wouldn’t have time to do measurements and pictures.  So, technically, this is day 27.  Below are my before and after pictures of the Phase I process.  Again, I wish I could make myself look decent enough for these, but I just got out of the shower… my hair is wet, not covered in grease I PROMISE! 

Overall, I am so happy with my results, and they have made me super excited for the next two phases.  I am also SO happy that I took “before” pictures, because until I took the “after” pictures, I truly thought I had made 0 progress.  It is just hard for me to notice changes throughout the process.  I would recommend that any person who wants to do this program take “before” pictures, and also take measurements.

Updated Measurements: 

Height: 5’10 (I don’t think this is ever going to change throughout the process haha)

Weight: 150

Chest: 34.5 (Previously 36)

Waist:28.5 (Previously 31)

Thigh: 22 (Previously 23)

Calf: 14.5 (Previously 15)

Total Loss: 8 lbs/6 inches

Below, I am going to talk about my top 5 favorite things about the program thus far.  I was planning on writing about 5 things I didn’t like in the program, but I am honestly happy with everything, and have nothing negative to say. 

1. No Cardio in Phase I.  I will say this several times throughout my review, but I have tried and failed in the first two weeks of this program… a few times before.  I always thought it was because I wasn’t committed enough, or was too busy, but now I think that fatigue could have been a big part of it.  I thought, “I am good at cardio… I am just going to do it, even though it says not to.”  That was a big mistake for me.  Phase I, especially the first two weeks, is all about building muscle stamina and laying the foundation for the future of the program.  Now, I can’t believe I tried to do a ton of cardio.  No wonder I failed!  I love the layout of this program, and how much stronger I feel.  Not doing cardio the first month was great, and didn’t exhaust me.  However, I do feel very ready to get into cardio this next phase.  

2. The App! has the LiveFit app that you can get in the app store.  Before (periods of time when I failed this program), I was trying to print the workouts out to stay organized.  First of all, this is a waste of paper, and second, I didn’t always do this and forgot the workouts.  The app has kept me so organized, and is full of recipes and instructional videos.  Without these videos, I NEVER would have attempted some of the lifts.  

When I don’t understand a lift, I won’t attempt it, because I fear terrible embarrassment at the gym.  After these four weeks, I have learned so many new lifts, and feel so much more confident at the gym.  I even stood up to some meatheads who were hogging all of the equipment last week… stupid meatheads….  The app also lets you mark a workout complete.  I don’t exactly know why, but I felt so accomplished after marking the workout complete!

3. Going to the gym!  I totally get that people don’t like the gym, and like to workout at home, but I am the opposite!  I tried to do home workouts last year, and I just hated it.  The worst part was probably my dog thinking I was trying to play with him when I was doing the moves.  The jumping on my legs, barking, and nipping got a little annoying after awhile.  So far, I have made so many connections at the gym.  I have met new people, connected deeper with co-workers I see there, and have even got a few other people to jump on the LiveFit train.  The gym is such a cool community, and I love being a part of it.

4. Spending time with Nora!  My sister Nora and I are in this together, so it has been so nice to have a lifting partner, and also just get to spend time with her.  Even though we teach at the same school district, with basketball and her own busy schedule, we barely get to hang out. We go to the gym at least 5 times a week together, so there have been a lot of laughs and good memories made.  Having a lifting partner also gives me more confidence to try new things!  When I tried to get out of the lying tricep curls, and back extensions, Nora wouldn’t let me.  Even though she already has the perfect body, and makes me look like a troll, I am thankful she has committed to this program with me.


(My youngest sister, Nora)

5. The Structure!  Following this program step by step is so essential.  Like I said in point #1, you don’t want to skip around or do things you aren’t supposed to be doing throughout this program.  Week #3 Leg Day almost killed me.  Nora, Whitney (also doing program), and I could barely walk for about three days.  If I had jumped into this leg day without having two weeks of preparation behind me, I probably would have quit from the pain, and also probably would have hurt myself.  After this Phase I, I am really trusting the process of the program.  I am so excited to see what Phase II will bring!

MOST IMPORTANT POSITIVE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM:  This entire program is 100% free.  There is NO cost.  I already had a gym membership, so I didn’t even have to worry about that.  I think that is how fitness and weight loss should be.  We need to stop making it it into a billion dollar industry, and just lay out the facts.  If you eat clean and lift, you are going to lose weight.  You don’t need anything else, but a little cardio.

A big argument I hear is, “People need weight loss products to stay motivated.”  I call bull!  If you are not motivated to lose weight, the chances that you are going to spend hundreds on a program, and then quit are pretty high.  Just give the old fashioned method a shot, and see what happens. 🙂

Staying Motivated:  I am so busy.  I know a lot of people talk about being busy, and I am sure a lot of working parents have a lot more going on than me, but when you coach… dang… there is not a lot of time for yourself.  I am coaching basketball almost every single night, whether that is having practice, or traveling an hour away for a game.  On top of that, I am also coaching AAU volleyball.  I couldn’t just “wing it.”  So, I made a massive google doc that I planned all of my workouts on, and even realized that I needed to workout during my prep period at school.  Without this calendar and organization, I don’t think I could have done it.  It took me a long time to figure everything out, but I like the quote that says, “Without a plan, plan to fail.” 



It is important to reward yourself if you accomplish something!

When I was Christmas shopping in Sephora, I found the most amazing perfume I have ever smelled.  I picked it up, and was about to throw it in my basket, but then it hit me!  I didn’t do anything to deserve this perfume.  I knew that I wanted to reward myself with a non-cheat meal kind of prize, and this was going to be it!

On the way home from the mall, I kept smelling the spot where I prayed the tester on my coat sleeve. I immediately had regrets about not purchasing this.  However, every time I put my coat on and smelled it, it made me want to work hard to be able to buy this.  So without further ado, my new perfume is called  Versace Crystal Noir.  I give it a 10/10 for smell, and am so glad I worked hard enough to reward myself with it!

I also had little rewards that I set in place to get me through the individual weeks.  The first week I went to the city and got my eyebrows threaded.  The second week and third week, I bought four tanning sessions.  I know a lot of people are super against tanning (for good reasons), but it just makes me feel so much more confident and honestly happier.  I know I probably shouldn’t’ be doing it, but I figured that it was pretty obvious in my before and after pictures.

Cheat Meals:

My initial plan was to not have a single cheat meal throughout the entire Phase I process.  However, I am living this thing called life, and came to the conclusion that it was probably okay to have a few throughout the month.  I had a total of two phenomenal cheat meals in the 28 days.

Alex’s birthday dinner:  We went to this gorgeous little hole in the wall called Harvey’s in Redfield, IA.  A couple from New York moved back to open up their own restaurant, and it is so good, it made it into the Des Moines Register!  I ordered a burger with 50% ground sirloin and 50% ground bacon.  If you think that’s bad, it was also filled with gourmet cheese.  Oh my word.  I also paired this with sweet potato fries and a Bloody Mary.

After AAU in Neola:  Whitney and I just started our first AAU volleyball coaching season this last December.  We are coaching 8th graders, since it is actually illegal for high school coaches to work with high school players during the off-season.  So, we all headed over to Neola for a long day of tournament play.  We thought we would be done at around 1:30-2, but before we knew it… it was 3:00. We were starving, so I couldn’t’ help but tell Whitney about The Buck Snort.  This is a tiny little burger and pizza joint in what looks like a garage.  It is covered with antlers and mounted trophy bucks.  We both got the Swamp Donkey.  This is an all-beef burger, covered in brisket, topped with three huge onion rings, and smothered in barbecue sauce. When you have been eating healthy… let me tell you something… this burger will almost bring tears of joy to your eyes.  We opted to get no fries, no dessert, and not even a soft drink.  We only paired our burger with ice cold water.  At least we could feel good about that 😉


One of my favorite parts of the meals was when Whitney asked me to pray with her.  My family doesn’t pray before we eat, so that was new to me.  Whitney is such a good influence on me.  I love her!

Sunday, it is time to start Phase II.  It will be a tough first two weeks, with basketball wrapping up, but I am feeling so committed, and am excited to see where this journey is going to take me.  I will have another update at the end of February!



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