Why LiveFit Trainer?

The weight-loss industry is currently a 20 billion dollar industry.  This is insane, as 1 in 3 adults over the age of 20 are obese.  Something just doesn’t add up here…. Obviously, people are pouring their hard-earned money into programs and products that do not work.  If any of this garbage actually worked, people would lose the weight.

I absolutely do not blame anybody for purchasing these products.  Being overweight, and also lacking the knowledge to lose it the right way is daunting.  People are so desperate for guidance, and an easy way to shed their unwanted pounds, that they are willing to pay for anything.  I know this because I was once there.  I had always had a fast metabolism and was in high school athletics, so I never had to worry about losing anything.  After gaining the “freshmen 15,” instead of getting a gym membership and giving up fast food, I spent my money on Hydroxycut.  I never ended up using it, because I read some terrifying reviews online and thought I might have a heart attack.  However, that was only the beginning of my weight-loss purchases.  I have probably spend over a thousand dollars (or more) on DVDs, supplements, fitness classes, diet books, etc. in the last five years.

It wasn’t until my breaking point, that I accepted that true successful weight-loss requires only two essential components: eating clean and moderate activity throughout your week. Those are two simple, yet challenging components to master.  It was one of the hardest things I had ever done, but  I lost 40 pounds, and only spent my money on delicious healthy food and a gym membership.

Something that really upsets me is seeing all of the bogus products and programs on my social media feeds.  I would love to individually rip these existing pyramid scheme programs, but I would rather share a great opportunity that is completely free.


Jamie Eason is such an inspiration to me.  She is a trainer, model, author, spokesperson mother, wife, and overall strong female role model.  I have seen her pictures, and read her work in FitnessRX for the last few years.  What impressed me even more is that she has offered a twelve week fitness program on bodybuilding.com for free.  She includes instruction, video, meal planning, detailed lifting schedules, and other guidance.  I feel like she could have made bank selling her program, so I truly respect her all the more.  It leads me to believe that she has a true passion for helping people achieve their weight-loss goals.

This program is free, but the results require a lot of commitment.  It isn’t a shake that promises to get rid of the excess, or a wrap that guarantees to cut inches with its magical lotion; it is a plan that requires dedication and hard work to build the body of your dreams.

Even though the next couple of months are packed with practices, games, and weekend tournaments, I am going to dedicate myself to this program, and complete it.  I hope to lose a total of 20 pounds in the process, BUT will be flexible with my goals after the results of my first four weeks.

I can’t wait for January 1st to get here and to get started!


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