Best and Worst of 2016

This Christmas, my family and I sat around my mom and dad’s table and enjoyed a prime rib (cooked to perfection of course) and our usual hilarious banter.  We Walkers usually don’t get too serious at the dinner table, as we love to laugh.  After dinner, my sister Ann introduced the great idea for us to go around the table and share our best and worst moment from 2016.

It was pretty apparent how blessed my family is because we couldn’t think of just one BEST moment.  There are just so many great memories that have been made this year.  I am going to share two best moments, and also one worst moment… because reflecting on those is always good for emotional health.

Best #1:  This one is pretty easy!  My boyfriend of 2.5 years proposed on a mini-vacation to Kansas City.  It was totally unexpected, and so romantic.  After waking up from an amazing night out with some friends, he pulled the ring out and said, “Will you marry me baby?” After, we ordered a celebratory breakfast in bed, and shared a bottle of champagne before we called our friends and family.  My entire family already knew; Alex had called to ask my dad’s permission before we left.  It was a great moment, and has already been so fun planning for the wedding and preparing to spend the rest of my life with Alexander Eddy Bireline.



Best #2: My sisters and I had been wanting to take a sister’s trip forever, but never committed or scrounged up enough money to make it happen.  2016 was different.  We talked about going on a weekend getaway in Florida, and I got serious about it.  I contacted a travel agent, and set the entire trip up for the end of May.  We went to an amazing hotel in Daytona Beach.  We relaxed by the ocean, went out on the town, ate some TERRIBLE food (food in Daytona… not great), and had a blast at the tiki bar outside of our hotel.  There were so many hilarious moments, and we had a great time together.

We need to make these trips an annual tradition!

Worst of 2016:  In September 2016, we lost our amazing grandpa Marion “Spike” Walker.  He lived an amazing 95-year-old life, serving our country in WWII (Navy), raising a family, building a successful farm, and just being a genuinely great person.  Even though the loss of him was so hard, I am grateful that we got to spend so much time with him, and got to say goodbye, and hear “love you,” just one more time from him.



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