My Biggest Year Yet

My name is Emma Walker, and I am a high school English teacher in small-town Iowa.  I live an incredibly blessed life, with a huge extended family and a sweet finance named Alex.  I live with my sister (Nora) and a cute little chihuahua mix (Rudy) in a two-bedroom modern century home close to downtown Atlantic.  My passions include reading, cooking, fitness, great movies/TV, communication, and music.  I love all genres of literature and music, and there are very few foods I dislike.

2016 was a very big year for me.  I started my third year teaching, and second year employed at Atlantic High School, where I teach English III, Pre-College Composition, RTI, Speech, and Contemporary Literature.  I am also the head girl’s varsity volleyball coach, and assistant JV basketball coach at AHS.  After finishing a much-improved volleyball season, my boyfriend and I went on a romantic weekend getaway in Kansas City (mostly so I could go to IKEA) and he proposed!  We are getting married on 7-1-17 in a century barn close to Alex’s farmstead.

2017 will be a phenomenal year.  However, I want to continue to set and reach new goals. Nora and I have set resolutions to start a blog, blog each week, get in shape, and wake up earlier.  I have started this blog to practice writing with my students, express my thoughts, organize my wedding, and motivate myself to keep “shedding for the wedding.”

I think that many language arts teachers become so involved in their students’ writing, they forget to continue writing themselves.  I hope that this blog will motivate me to continue my writing, inspire new lesson plans, and also keep my resolutions!


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